Well, it has been 8 days since I naively switched to a third grade classroom and it has been a wild ride!  Learning how to take blank paper, an 8 year old mind, and produce something that resembles quality writing is a task that is not for the weak.  Buy a bigger, better pencil sharpener, roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

One of my favorite new books is “After the End” by Barry Lane.  If you haven’t read this one, make sure you google it, or run to your nearest book seller.  It is informative, fun, and most importantly…real.  Teachers, with their mounting demands for assessments, assessments, assessments rarely have time to curl up with a good trade book.  In fact, some of the best ideas are often found while waiting in line at the copier in the morning so trust me on this; Barry Lane will provide you with some fantastic ideas for making writing valuable to your students, fun for all of you, and is easily adaptable to different grade levels.