ImageCreating the blog was easy; navigating a few simple choices…I could begin and the world would clamor to read my words, right?  Well, if you can see how my son Noah began cooking…these things take time.  Eventually he learned to cook, holding onto his belief that it should be “good and nutritios” and I probably will never have to eat something as creative as this until he has children.  It got me to thinking that writing for oneself, or instructing others in writing is like cooking and a blog of this nature doesn’t have to be the end all beat all to writing, but it can be a resource, a place to turn to when you have no idea what or how to accomplish your daily lesson, a venue for sharing.  As Noah and I talked today, he used the scenario where all of us would be together in a room, each person talented and having their own personal style.  It would take hours to log all of those wonderful bits and pieces on paper stuffed in a filing cabinet. Using the blog creates an online filing cabinet where each ingredient an individual brings to their instruction is at your fingertips.

How many times have we wondered what to have for dinner and, knowing that there are a bunch of recipe cards we could go through, tried and true favorites from our Grams, Mom’s and friends….it IS easier and more current to reach for the laptop and search some of the best recipe sites out there. So like a good recipe, let’s talk about writing and why we are afraid of it sometimes, what lessons or techniques really make you smile at the end of the day…and who the heck has time to read volume after volume of writing instruction, remember it all, and put it into practice! Gimme a snapshot of your best, all time favorite lesson or technique that would definitely NOT be lost in the file cabinet or old recipe box!