Monday I was lucky enough to listen to author Barry Lane at a writing conference in Lewiston.  I think I like his approach so much because he injects humor into his lessons and he has a way of taking apart the complex, the boring (to students and teachers) and simplifying the process.  I knew it was a successful trip when my friend and co-teacher wrote on her FB account that this was the best conference she had ever been to.  I have been watching my followed list, and it remains as flat as a cardiac ticker tape on a dead person…sigh.  It is sad to think that the world is so busy with their own lives that they can’t give a blog like this a chance.  Oh, I post my thoughts on FB, I twitter, I Pinterest but still no interest.  Beginning a blog sounded like such a wonderful idea; I had so many thoughts on how I could help people that it made me smile just at the thought.  I asked 50 students what they felt about writing, and what did they find hard…I received one response.  I went to my colleagues and asked them out of curiosity their definition of a good writer….two responses this time.  Perhaps it was the rose colored glasses I was wearing when I began the blog; feeling quite positive that I could provide teachers with tools and tips, just like an on-line file cabinet or a favorite recipe box.  Worrying about math instruction and 50 or more ways to collect data has left teachers exhausted and bound to prescribed programs and worksheets.  Problem is, I feel that in the end it stifles the creativity and spark in students as there is no life in their work.  So I ask you, one more time, just what do you think makes a good writer?  Is it a gift?  Does it come from a textbook, from reading books in general, or is it a gift?  Are you someone who fears it, or embraces it?  For me, writing is an extension through my fingers directly from my thoughts…a conversation I am always having with myself.  It flows as naturally as talking to a good friend and I have moments where I am actually surprised when I reread what I have written….it’s good!  Let me know what you think…I’m all ears.