I watched the leaves fall, one by one to the ground throughout the day.  One small, red, oak leaf clung to my window, as if not ready to relinquish its season.  As the winds pick up, more will fall and it reminds me of all those Halloween nights when the boys and I would walk the neighborhood, cheeks pink from the crisp October air and dragging our feet in delight through piles of leaves gathering on lawns.  There was such a sense of excitement in the air, flashlights bobbing, pumpkins glowing in windows and on doorsteps…an occasional ghoul rocking quietly on a porch ready to startle the unaware.  I love Halloween memories, thinking of the decorations, the parties, the giant bowl of candy atop the fridge so as to meter the sugar rush.  We were hippies, and monsters, a cat in the hat, and a bunny…we laughed and secretly stole our favorite candies from each others bowls.  It was a special time in our lives and the falling, dancing leaves reminded me and left me with a smile that carried me through my day.  Have a good week everyone and remember to look for your own special moment to make you smile.  Laurie