I’m watching ABC news and the photos of the people that make up the news…what a dream job that would have been for me in my youth; writing about important things as they happened and being at the epicenter of a changing world….the path I did not take because I had not learned how to listen to my inner self. The Grandfather clock is chiming in the background, sort of a time-keeper to the minutes and hours of my life. 2012 wasn’t a spectacular year on many levels but it did have those moments when I laughed uproariously over the antics my middle-age friends and I would engage in or the many times my students made me smile. I watched my children take another step in their own adulthood journey, and savored those moments when time seemed to stand  still and I was  happy and peaceful in their company. The regrets I have are in not seeking out more adventures; grabbing the bull by the horns and taking more chances. I found a place this afternoon in NH that does simulated parachute jumping of sorts…I think I would like to try that and another place that has an indoor Go Cart track…I could pretend I was a race car driver, and perhaps I would like to either sing or act in some sort of community group. What people in general seem to forget, and I have also forgotten from time to time, is that time is precious…our days here are precious. There are no second chances, you can’t come back and try this living thing again. I have always wanted to live to be a very wise old woman who, at the end of her life, was able to look back with a smile at all she had done. Perhaps it’s just learning how to jump into the deep end of the pool without being terrified, or volunteering when disaster strikes…helping people put the pieces of their world back together. Maybe it would be horse back riding and feeling the power of the animal under me and the rush of spring air on my cheeks as we trot along. It doesn’t have to be the big things in life that are the important things, but those defining snapshots we hold in our heart for at that specific moment, the world was good and I felt in harmony and happy with it all. I hate getting caught in the trap of resolutions because if I fail my inner voice will never let me hear the end of it, but I do think that the magic of a new year brings endless possibilities for adventure and personal growth. I intend to keep my eyes open this year, be a little more daring, and much more focused on what’s ahead of me as opposed to the path I have left behind. Happy New Year and may your own glass always be half full.