Yes, this was the bulk of my weekend; downloading peer reviewed journal articles, sending them to all my devices, reading, annotating, taking notes.  Writing a dissertation is not for the faint of heart…just tonight my family asked me how much longer was this going to go on…..and I told my loveable mom that she would have to just stay as healthy and spry as she is now for it may take all of 2013.  This was the first time she wondered about all the time that was involved, and would it be worth it.  Learning has no limits, no age restrictions, and is on-going (at least I hope it is!) and I have a vision and a goal AND I am an extremely stubborn woman when it comes to finishing “things.”  I never give up if I believe in what I am involved with.  Students deserve the best of what we have within ourselves each day they pile into the classroom.  We have them for such a short time that although some days do seem like they will never end, the year flies by in the blink of an eye.  Those very same children, who arrive in their wet snow pants, with crumpled homework, and pencils lost forever in the mysteries of their desks…..they deserve the opportunity educators can provide them by instilling in them a love of words, an imagination that takes them on new journeys, and the ability to continue their journey so that they can be the change in the world that I can watch from, hopefully, a deck chair in the sun 🙂