I love Saturday mornings, my cat does not.  I sleep late, my cat does not.  It is an on-going battle each week.  This morning the branches are dipped in ice, creating patterns outside my window that glisten in their frozen splendor. The cat, in frustration, has now unwound an entire roll of toilet paper and has left it, ruffled and laying in a delicate pile.   It is a small price to pay for my peaceful solitude, sipping French Roast in bed, taking time to sort the jumbled mass of thoughts that fill my mind.  There is not a bird or a squirrel in sight…..clamoring for their chance at the feeder or better yet, to sneak onto the balcony railing to fill cheeks before I notice.  Such is the pattern of life, yet I enjoy it, wait all week for Saturday morning, and savor it till my cup is dry and my mental “to do” list energizes me to emerge from my self imposed cocoon.   I’ve read and heard so much about New Year’s resolutions, how to keep them, don’t have too many, set small goals, tell your friends so to keep you on track……..and all the money spent on advertising, exercise equipment, nutritional supplements, videos, and gym memberships could really be used for a better, more humanitarian endeavor.  What would happen if we woke up every morning like it was Saturday morning, that we embraced the understanding that every day is a new beginning and that extra helping of whatever was yesterday’s slip and today the road lies before you, just waiting for you to be your best, and enjoy the fact that you are alive and that there are people out there who love you.  Media advertising preys on our insecurity of measuring up, to what I am not sure except I can say that the art of perfection is a heavy load to carry around every day because we are, by nature, not perfect.  Today, I hope that you take a moment, sit quietly with a cup of tea or whatever makes you happy, and allow this imperfect world to bring you joy as you get to be part of it; you and only you get to decide who you are and determine how you will revel in the squirrel who fills his cheeks too full, the beauty of how very different we all are, and how lucky you are to be warm and safe, to remember your first kiss, or how your heart filled to the point of no return when you looked into the eyes of that small miracle you helped to create, lying in your arms.