My mother could be compared to a wild horse; outspoken and daring she has faced the seasons of her life with spirit.  Hardships were mere mountains that were meant to be climbed so that, upon reaching the top, she could bask in the accomplishment of surviving and enjoy the glorious ride down the other side, taking time to not only smell the flowers, but to grow them as well.  She has played as hard as she has worked and I have to admit I admire her for it.  As a teenager I wanted her to be “more normal” but then she would not have been her true self.  She has been the topic for countless stories for not only my children, but my students as well over the years and I dare say she has reached celebrity status in some circles.  Whether tandem jumping from an airplane, or sitting on a snowmobile trailer in the dead of her bathing suit….with a margarita in hand, or taking my sons to the rock wall where she had saved two squirrel tails for them to hang on their handle bars….she is her own person.  My mom is a remarkable woman who doesn’t even realize it as she just believes, as I do, that we are only given this one life to live, there are no second chances, so we had better not waste a precious moment of it.  She believes that your body is your temple so you had better take care of it, or you won’t be able to dance. She wishes she had a mother, but she gave us her very best shot with no guidance on what the definition of a good mother is.  I hope she is around for a very long time to come, doing zip lines (she’s tried it once already), tackling a giant water slide at a local theme park, or calling me every week from her “test kitchen” as she calls it with another healthy recipe she’s tried.  I wish more families cherished their parents and took the time to listen to them, learn from them, and learn how to dance in the rain as my own mother does.  I intend to keep studying, keep working, and provide her with all the little things she needs so that she can dance as hard and as fast as she can until her dance card is full.  Have a good week everyone and don’t forget to call your Mom.