I think this is a great word to sum up the summer so far….random.  Just this past weekend I went to the beach and did a considerable amount of “people watching” of which included random thoughts.  Only in the summer months, can you sit next to three families from Canada and try to figure out what their conversation is about and where did they get their cool beach chairs.  You realize that most of the adults at the beach are sporting red solo cups which must mean that sand, surf, and alcohol must be the way to relax on a bright sunny day.  I mean, let’s think about this…all year millions of women everywhere worry about their bodies, hate their image in a dressing room mirror, and try to either suck it in, or work it off.  Once the thermometer hits 90 degrees however, all bets are off and with solo cup in hand, march proudly through the waves, or along the sand in a bathing suit that (a) falls under the category of “What was she thinking!” or (b) “Why CAN”T I have that body!”  You know I’m right and guys…..well, I personally think that ONLY Olympic swimmers should wear those teeny spandex trunks……okay, maybe Channing Tatum can wear them but I’ve never seen HIM on a Maine beach.


I have actually read two whole novels this summer that have nothing to do with education or learning anything.  Brought back warm memories of before I decided to become a professional student.  It had been so long since I bought a book, I was absolutely dumb-struck at what Barnes & Noble listed on their website as customer favorites.  Almost every single paperback/eBook/whatever version book had women languishing against a powerful man, shirtless of course and lust is written all over their faces.  The world must be lacking in romance because it seems lots and lots of people want to read about all kinds of sex!  I know, sex and romance sort of go hand in hand, but don’t people get depressed when they read book after book about sensual men, erotic moments, and sex like they have never dreamed of…with men whose muscular arms, bare chests and chiseled faces desire them?  Must be sort of a letdown when you roll over in bed in the morning and realize the person snoring next to you looks nothing like what you read/fantasized about last night!  Sigh…..I bypassed those books and dug for something that would make me think about life and people and characters and plots and writing styles – the nerd in me coming out, as my sons would say.


It has rained so much this summer that I have organized just about every inch of my little home and at one point, I thought my flowers would need a life jacket….summer is too short to watch the rain and organize drawers and boxes – those are blizzard day jobs when school is cancelled!  The only thing worse for a teacher on summer vacation than rain is when the school catalogs begin to arrive.  I am up to three so far which has caused my inner clock to suddenly start randomly thinking about curriculum and lessons – bulletin boards and organizing the classroom for another year.  I’ve made a pile and have promised myself that I will “allow” myself to begin preparing just after August 1st….unless of course it’s a sunny day and then I may just have to go to the coast again, pack my red solo cup, and maybe even spring for a Red’s Lobster Roll for dinner.


I like random thoughts as I imagine that they are like mini short stories that play out in my head. We all have them, but become so accustomed to them that we forget to listen.  Tune into yours and make people wonder why you are smiling!  Happy July!!