The school ads are beginning to surface and, despite my fantasy of living this life of utter relaxation indefinitely, I know that my days in the sun are numbered.  I wish there were a way for people to focus as much time on relaxing in the winter months as we do each day the sun shines in Maine.  Oh, I know there is skiing, biking, and all sorts of outside activities but at no other point in the calendar year do we all allow ourselves to exhale slowly and just sit and be happy.  It’s just the gulls and sound of the tide sweeping in and out that holds our attention.  We walk the shoreline and follow others who, in search of treasures the sea reveals, allow our minds to empty with each disappearing footprint in the sand.


The rain is dripping off the roof and has created a diamond chandelier between two plants on an intricate spider web.  I have time to marvel at its beauty, perhaps take a picture or two and focus not on what needs to be done, but what I choose to get done.  It is a marvelous time- summer vacation when salt air reminds me of huge bowls of steamers, where toddlers crouched in the sand with a shovel and a bucket remind me of my own former toddlers – where flowers and the scent of the pines in the early mornings are more fragrant than any perfume. 


I remember my first kiss, standing deep in a valley of woodland ferns, of skinny dipping at dusk after one too many summer ales and of drive-in movies…their clunky sound boxes hung precariously on car windows which allowed mosquitoes to keep us from focusing mostly on the taste of each other’s kisses and not the movie. 


I know that soon, I will be flipping my calendar to August and my mental summer slumber will be brought back to pencil boxes and lesson plans – class lists and sleepless nights, or nights filled with classroom dreams.  I will begin to count not the weeks of summer, but the days I have left to live with wild abandon with my beach bag next to the door, bare legs and a novel or two stacked on my nightstand as opposed to schoolwork.  For the moment, however, there are still lobsters to savor, seaside towns to explore, pools to float in and shells to collect.  Kick off your sandals and enjoy.