This is my last blog post; it has been a way for me to think out loud on paper, which is where I find I am most articulate.  Some of what I wrote has been pretty good; some could have used some editorial tweaking.  I’ve known for as long as I can remember that I could write, wanted to write, and was sort of like hungry for words. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but thoughts just seem to flow so naturally through my keyboard…. and once upon a time my Smith Corona….

 I thought blogging would be a good idea to experiment with, and I have learned that there are many, many talented people out there who have written beautiful and sometimes hilarious pieces.  My original purpose changed as the months passed and it has been, in a small way, lovely being recognized just a little for the art of writing itself.  I don’t think I have that many followers who actually read what I write, but the ones who do have me as happy as a school girl receiving an A+ on her paper. It is humbling in part for my blog evolved into having a conversation with myself and it has been nice to be noticed.

 I told a teacher once, Crystal Knapp Polk, that my ultimate accomplishment will be when I write a novel and have it published – not self published, but by a publishing house.  I had never told anyone that before as I didn’t want anyone to tell me it was a ridiculous pipe dream.  I remember Crystal raising an eyebrow and smiling while she assured me that someday she just knew it would happen.  Who knows, I still have another 30 years (plus/minus) to make that happen so we shall see.

 If you are reading this now, I hope you laughed about my adventures with bathing suits, became more aware of bad men, smiled at my school children and could relate all the love I have for my family. 

 It’s funny you know – when I was little I can remember so clearly sitting in a green chair in our living room, watching Captain Kangaroo and deciding right there and then what I wanted most from my life when I became a woman.  I wanted two children and I practiced writing imaginary names in cursive over and over.  I wanted a large extended family that laughed a lot and I wanted to become either a movie star just like Lucille Ball or a journalist.  Life, however, has a way of weaving in and out of all those young dreams and not always hitting the mark due to detours, wrong turns, bad decisions.

 Along the way I had my two children (of which no woman ever prayed any harder to have!) and, for a time I was blessed in the family department as well.  If only I could turn back the hands of time – how vulnerable and naive I was. My wonderful memories however, I get to keep forever.   I never became an actress, but I did make a pretty good “Mrs. Piggle Wiggle” at our school and I never became a journalist.  Most likely the good Lord knew what he was doing when he gave me the courage to return to school for a teaching degree for now I can help hundreds of students learn to love how words can take them away to other lives and distant places and how they too can become wonderful writers.  I must admit I become so excited when I read a really good piece I could just squeeze the student in front of me out of sheer joy.  I can honestly say that I have helped others find their voice and that makes me eternally grateful for whatever natural talent I have.

 So now ends my stint at blogging and time to finish my Doctorate and see where my path leads me to next.  Thank you so much for being part of my thoughts and encourage my passion.  Oh, don’t worry…. I’ll make sure to hang the biggest banner WHEN I finish my book!!!